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December 20, 2023
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Welcome Home

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If you are asking, what is Welcome Home, it is a colorful, and childish topic, that many people have started to acknowledge since 1969, when the show had been created.
Welcome home is an art project that was created by a person called Clown. (@_PartyCoffin_ on twitter.) The show was said to be made by the playfellow workshop. 

The canceled T.V show was known as only airing a few episodes with colorful puppets, known as Wally Darling, Eddie Dear, Frank Frankly, Barnaby B Beagle, Sally Starlet, Julie Joyful, Howdy Pillar, and Poppy Partridge. Around the year of 1974, the show had mysteriously ended. Then, on May 6th 2023, a website had been created by Clown, where any person could meet and see the neighborhood of the puppets who had lived there. Clown made the website and was also made for an archive of the show.  The Playfellow restoration project is trying to get more information about the show, as they had rediscovered it first.
Most people who know about the website have been wondering what is the lore of these colorful puppets. Most of the attention goes to Wally Darling.  Most people still ask as to why this tiny, artistic, 3-foot tall puppet is the center of attention. That’s when the lore starts.

Wally on the website was seen to have a fascination of The Neighbor’s action around the neighborhood. Wally has sent us some signs on the website that he is really wanting to convince the neighbor to do things, and to just communicate with the neighbor in general. Many signs have mainly been shown on the Fanart throughout the website, and hidden highlights between paragraphs. Wally has been known for weirding out the Fandom of the Welcome Home fans.
He does weird 
things like eating with his eyes, communicating with his house throughout the sound, (Bang, Creak, Squeak.) and is also known to hear people’s thoughts, and controlled by his own home.

Wally has been all over social media, as well as the website secrets. Audios, videos, pictures, and gifs have been found as many of the secrets through URLs. Most of the important lore comes from these audios spread throughout the website, different pages, and even different characters. Yet, some of the most popular secrets have been deleted by administrators, and even Clown.  As the secrets have revealed a bit of lore that  wasn’t supposed to be shown yet.

One of the main secrets found on the website, is the quote, “Something so substantial that it can no Longer be denied. We have definitive proof that Welcome Home is real, we can finally hear them.” This quote has been spread throughout social media platforms ever since the secret was found. This quote has been said to be explained by The Playfellow restoration project, as they are the only people who have gathered information about Welcome Home.

Clown has even added a News section of the Website, not only explaining news, yet having a good amount of secrets. There’s plenty of videos about the puppets daily life, yet whenever Wally is mentioned at the end, the video cuts off with disorientated voices. This is a big part of the lore, as youtubers, and other fans have explained Wally wants to stay hidden from The Playfellow restoration project, as to also keep them from getting information.

Another part of the lore is from the bugs which contain secrets, as on the NEWS page of the website contains a quote from Wally. “There are. There are images I don’t Remember uploading to decorate your messages. I don’t know how they got there. But! Please excuse those pesky bugs, dear neighbor! What is a beautiful home without a pest or two? We will do our best to keep things neat, tidy, and organized!” This briefly explains of how Wally does not want the Neighbor to find the secrets, as on the guestbook page, this bug had been found which takes you to one of the many Secrets, containing Julie and Eddie, plus Wally.

Clown had also added a tab called, ‘The Guest Book”. This was where you could communicate with any of the neighbors, though not long after it was made, it was randomly closed. When you open the guestbook page, a Sally PNG pops up, as she holds a sign saying, “HALT!! Fellow thespian! The guestbook is henceforth closed!”

It seems Wally had gotten tired of replying to the guestbook, as he says, “So many guest signatures… So Many of them are trying to Communicate. What are you telling me for? Do you think I can answer? What are you trying to do to me? I’m closing that guestbook, I’m not playing this game anymore. The ringing is enough.” We have no idea what exactly Wally could be talking about, yet the ringing could give us signals about his rotary dial phone, that was sent by a random person, as the phone is sitting in the exhibit of the Welcome Home museum. 

None of the other puppets have been included in the lore, and the Playfellow Workshop has been trying to get more as to why they aren’t. On one of the pages, if you go go to the Playfellow Exhibition, if you scroll all the way to the bottom, there should be an invisible URL between the paragraph of “Additionally’, and ‘Although’. When you click on it, there is a photo of a notebook showing notes, and what seems like what the password is. If you click on the image, it will bring you too a safe, needing a code as the last image was representing. The code is ‘BSPJW’, as when you press enter, it will bring you to a page covered in black ink, with the words, “Ring-ring. Hello? Can you hear me? Call back soon, please.” Repeating over and over, for what seems like 50 times. 

​The page has so much to it, as there are at least 24 images on the page, showing pages of information, and the damaged Welcome Home museum. Not only does it have that, but there is a text at the bottom of the page, saying “It’s in here.” As the text is not jittering, but when you click on it, it will bring you to a page, saying “Uh oh! Looks like you’ve wandered far away from Home!” ​
This is the only lore that has been found by The Playfellow restoration project, even as they continue to try and get more currently. To wrap this all up, please go and support Clown by visiting his Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and even the Welcome Home Website in general.
(The image as the header and the image at the beginning belongs to Clown, (@_PartyClown_ on Twitter)
(Their art is allowed to be used by anyone if they give credit! As I currently am now.)
We hope to see you next time, Neighbor!

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