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Santa Love Story
December 20, 2023
December 20, 2023
School Dance
December 20, 2023

Santa Love Story

Once upon a time, Nicholas was born. When he was born his parents only wanted the best for him, so every night his parents would wish on the northern star, and hoped that he would achieve great things. Every year something amazing would happen. But when he went into 7th grade at middle school his life changed. He was only 13 at the time but he fell in love with the person he would have never expected.

Nicholas went to school per usual and attended each of his classes. He went into his 4th class of the day when he was called down to the office. He was asked to show a new girl around school. Her name was Jessica, but she went by Jess. She was rude to most people she met and she got kicked out of her last few schools.

“Hey nice to meet you! I’m Nicholas and I’m here to show you around school,” Nicholas began.

The new girl rudely interrupted. “Did I ask? Just show me around before I put a dent in your head.”

Nicholas internally sighed. “Ok… I heard your name was Jess. Let’s go,” he said.

So Nicholas showed her around the school. By the time they were done Jess had earbuds in and was watching videos just saying ok or alright to Nick. Nick turned around at the end of the tour and saw the fact she was on her phone.

“Do you need another tour or did you get it?”

“I got it, thanks.

Nick just simply turned around and walked away. Over the next few days Nick was bothered by Jess and how she didn’t do anything. Jess was annoyed by the fact that Nick cared so much. Time passed and they still couldn’t tolerate each other. Soon a teacher made that change.

“Ok this week and maybe next week we will do a project in pairs of two. You will need to complete this because it is counting as a fourth of your knowledge grade,” The teacher told the class.

Friends immediately turned to talk to each other and were already signaling who they were going to be partners. Nick turned to his friend, James, and Jess turned to her friend, Sam.

“Quiet down class!” The teacher yelled.

“What? We don’t get to choose our partners? Because if so, that’s stupid.” Jess exclaimed.

“No Jessica, you can’t choose partners and don’t shout out loud, raise your hand. Sit down Jessica.”

The room got silent and no one spoke a word. The teacher started to pair up people and soon only six people were left.

“Sam and James. Let’s do Nick and Jess, which leaves you two, Ana and Mike.”

“Teacher, can we switch partners? I don’t want to be with Nick. Just pair me with Sam.”

“I will not. He is your partner and that is who you will work with. No questions asked. Ok class the project is to make a science project for the science fair. You will work with the partners given, and you have no limits! Now go start!”

“Ok Jess, what do you want to do? We could do a solar system,” Nick suggested.

In response Jess said, “Nah that’s lame, we should do a volcano.”

“A volcano…you sure?”

“Yeah I am. So, let’s go.”

“Alright, let’s get started!”

Nick got to work listing things they needed for the project while Jess was just talking to her friend. Once Nick was done listing all of the supplies, he asked who should buy what. They ended up splitting the list and then arrived the next day where they needed to start the project. Nick was walking to class hands full with supplies and excited for the day to start. He sat everything down at the table and waited for Jess to come. Jess walks in with nothing and Nick’s jaw drops.

“Why don’t you have anything? Did you forget! If you forgot I might cry, we need to get the best grade!”

“I didn’t forget… I just didn’t get the supplies.”

“Jess, you’re KILLING me!”

“Thanks I take that as a compliment, what’s the big deal anyway? We have a week to do this, maybe even more so take a chill pill Nick.”

“Whatever, let’s just get to work.”

So they started to plan the volcano and over the week Jess had brought the supplies and they made the best volcano out there. One day, when they were working on the volcano, Nick made a stupid joke, but Jess laughed anyway with a smile.

“I see that smile.”

Jess immediately wiped away the smile and simply told Nick, “Let’s just continue.”

Nick went to bed that day with a grin thinking about Jess. He knew he liked her but he didn’t think she liked him. The next couple days the two grew closer and more fond of each other, but Nick was still scared about admitting his feelings. The day of the science fair came and both Nick and Jess were scared. As Jess didn’t show her fear, Nick did for both of them. He was walking back and forth not knowing what to do. He was afraid of every small thing that could go wrong, even though the volcano was made perfectly. Jess was freaking out on the inside not knowing what to do or how to help with Nick. She wanted to calm him down but she didn’t know how soon she just let every emotion inside of her out.

“NICK, calm down, the volcano is perfectly fine and we will get a great grade on this so just chill out!”

“How can I chill? I need a good grade. You don’t understand! I have never had a bad grade and I want to pass this class!”
“Somehow I knew that you have never had a bad grade. Listen, to be honest you’re freaking me out too, but I know that we will do fine and I’m just nervous about you. If you are too nervous, you may freak out while presenting the volcano and may get embarrassed, so you need to calm down so I can calm down. Understand?”

“Ok Jess, chill, I will calm down, just don’t freak out over it.”

So the two presented their volcano and got first place. When Nick went home he realized he had even more feelings for her but didn’t know how to ask her if she liked him. But little did he know, Jess was laying in bed thinking about how much she liked him. She liked him a lot but was scared that he didn’t like her because of how rude she had been to him. The next day, Nick had the guts to ask her out.

“Hey Jess, want to get coffee after school today…” Jess looked at him confused and then he added, “to celebrate the science fair.”

“Yeah sure, I’ll meet you outside after school. By the rocks, ok?”

“Ok, yeah.”

School went super slow for both of them, but they eventually met up and walked to the coffee place. They got their cups and sat down at a picnic table in the park. They both thought this might be the chance so finally Nick asked Jess,

“Hey Jess, want to be my-” Jess cut him off saying

“YES, I mean yes I do.”

“You didn’t even let me ask.”

“But I already know the question.”

Nick and Jess began dating and they grew even closer. And that’s the story of how Santa Claus and Miss. Claus met.

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