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December 20, 2023
December 20, 2023
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December 20, 2023

Scary Story Contest

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The Century Middle School Library invited students to submit their best spooky stories for a Scary Story Contest. Congratulations to the winner, seventh grader Olivia English! You can read Olivia’s story, as well as other submissions, below.

Olivia English (winning story, 7th grade)

I grabbed the door handle, quickly opening it and slamming it behind me. The black distorted creature ran on all fours, chasing behind me. The door slammed in its face as it almost caught up to me. I heard a shriveling scream as I ran to the black car in my garage. I looked at the black car door handle and lunged for it, grabbed it, and swung the door open. A loud bang followed as I closed the car door. Tears rolled down my pale face, as I heard the garage door broken down. Another shriveled scream followed behind. The creature was panting, as it ran around the car on all fours. I ducked down to the floor of the car, weeping. It clawed at the door, multiple times. The car shook as the creature beat the car, trying to open the door. Then it stopped. I looked out the window of the car, my head turning slower than a turtle. The creature’s face looked at mine, its eyes were a deep red, seeping with blood as it ran down its face. The smile, grinning from ear to ear. I gave a bloody scream before it slammed its face into the glass of the car window. The glass broke and everything went dark. My eyes opened after what felt like hours. I wasn’t in the car but in my bedroom. The walls were stained with blood, and cockroaches were running around my bedroom floor. My bed was destroyed and bags of what looked like red liquid spilled on the white duvet cover. My head turned to the sight of something scattering across my bedroom floor. I’m looking at my closet; rust looks like it’s taken over the door screws, and the door opened slightly with a squeak. A long deformed hand leaned over the door edge. Its nails looked sharper than a chainsaw. I let out a shriveled scream, and the door flew open. The black creature showed its face and body. It looked extremely thin and inhumanly short. It smiled at me, tilting its distorted head. It lunged at me, throwing its arms and legs to the carpeted flooring. It ran on all fours, running at me. I closed my eyes screaming as it all turned black. I could feel the sharp pain throughout my body. It laughed like a hyena feasting on its prey. The last thing I saw was my arm being thrown across the room. And my blood splattering across the walls like wet paint.

Arzo Wafa (6th grade)

Once upon a time, two couples hired a babysitter to watch their 2 kids. Before leaving they told the babysitter to watch TV in thief kids because they’ve been having some nightmares. The babysitter was pretty comfy in the room but when the babysitter turned around, she saw a clown statue. She tried to ignore it but she could not. Then she called the kids parents to watch TV downstairs. The parents said okay but they said why. The babysitter told the parents, the clown statue you guys have. The parents were so shocked. They told the babysitter to get the kids and get out from the house because they don’t have any clown statues.

Amelia Hansen (8th grade)

Soon after my grandmother passed we always heard short groans from our attic. We found it weird… grandma lived up there and we didn’t go up since she had died. The nights in our house were long and cold. Every now and then you would feel a breeze but there was no window open or anyone there. Around 3 am, the time I usually go to sleep, I felt a breeze and heard a soft groan like usual. I got up and moved mindlessly closer to where my grandmother once lived and stood at the edge of the wooden stairs. There was a strange presence in the air leading me up the stairs every step you could hear a large crack like the stairs were going to break and i would fall through. Step by step I finally made it to the top. There were old chests that she always told us not to touch. My fingers brushed the top of the chest… Then I opened it and there were very lumpy blankets with dust all over them. I always had known one thing, that dust particles were from skin cells. I lifted up the blanket and saw cut of parts of human with dried blood all over the human parts. I heard another groan and turned around to see my dead grandmother hung on the wall from her neck. I covered my mouth about to cry but trying not to make a single sound. I slowly turned around and saw a man, but it wasn’t a man, it looked like its skin was inside out. A human arm in its hand. I tried to run but this man kept haunting my every move, it felt like I was being lured into his presence. He grabbed my arm and I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed. I was scared. He moved my head and grabbed it then twisted it, making a bone stick out of my neck as it slowly fell off. How I tell this story today is because, my dear friend, I am the man who took her life and then became her.

Anabella Franco (6th grade)

Imagine, one night you are at your friend’s house for a sleepover. It is a normal night and you are getting ready for bed because it was really late. When you get in bed, you fall asleep right away and you fall asleep before your friend. You end up waking up in the middle of the night and you notice that your friend is gone. You didn’t think anything of it because they might have gotten up for water. The was creeked half way opened. You try and go back to sleep when you hear footsteps coming to your friends room. You hear the door creek open and you see a man standing in the doorway. You can only see a shadow of the man as he moves closer to you . He tapes your mouth shut so you can’t scream and starts slitting your arms.  Then he filled them with sand bags. The sand made you feel heavy as an elephant so you couldn’t get up. After stitching your arms back up,he slit your leg and filled you with sand. Then he stitched your legs up, sand spewed out of your mouth while the anonymous man carried you out of the room. He ends up dropping you in the forest. THE END.

Arianna Gonzales (6th grade)

One day a family moved into a house it was green had a rusted fence the grass was dry and dead. On the inside it was two floors the little girl and her parents lived in the basement, meanwhile her grandma and grandpa lived up stairs the older she got the things were changing, when she turned five she started seeing two little girls one was named Lola and the other was named Lilly the little girl would always talk and play with them for about four or five months until one day Lola was gone and lilly started to say violent things towards her the family called someone to bless their house,  before they left the guy said he saw a little girl after that she was gone the little girl was sad but soon forgot about Lilly until one night she heard her step-dad choking and ran to their room and saw Lilly staring at her dad she then screamed and Lilly was gone.

Aaliyah Williams (7th grade)

It was a dark and cold night, the sounds of small laughter of kids trick or treating and the wind slightly howling filled the air. Simple sights of children and decorations for houses had gathered your attention, maybe even a bit of nostalgia from olden times.

You walked down the streets, as you had just trick or treated for hours, not even caring you had school the next day either. You walked and walked until you eventually made it to your house.

Nothing seemed off, the cozy demeanor fading into your senses, making your body feel fuzzy and warm, as if sitting next to a campfire when being cold. But something was off.. you couldn’t tell quite what though..

You went upstairs, but immediately stopped when hearing a loud crunch noise. You lifted your feet to see shattered glass on your floor, looking at the window next to you, it had been broken. The fuzzy feeling had given way to a gust of fear..

You picked up a big piece of glass, inspecting it.. then, in the glass showed a reflection of a figure behind you..

You immediately turned around, seeing a person, (or at least you thought so) in a demon costume. The costume was cherry red, with a turtleneck a close but different shade of red. It made him look innocent until you saw his wide open smile, making him look like an absolute psycho..

The man took a step closer when his face was clear, wide and emotionless eyes with the gaze of craziness was seen. His height was around maybe 7 feet, and around 10 inches..

The man stepped even closer, looking down at you with that smile and gaze, then taking out a knife. It looked like it had rusted blood on it, as red uncleaned splotches could be seen on the handle…

Your heart pounded in your chest, it even started to cause a bit of pain. You let go of the glass, letting it shatter into even more tiny pieces, as your eyes widened at the sight of the man..

“Did you know.. the halal method produces more tender in fresh meat..?” He spoke out, a southern yet deep and masculine tone had been heard, making it seem like he had been sick for months on end..

He then took action, stabbing the knife directly into your side, you gasped in pain, falling to the ground. You had landed onto the broken glass, causing even more pain, as he then kneeled down, taking the knife, and plunging it back into you once again.

You coughed up blood, it dripped out the corners of your mouth as you screamed and squirmed in agony. You kicked and punched the air, having no avail of hitting him whatsoever, as he kept stabbing you with that knife..

He then eventually stopped, plunging it into your stomach where you coughed up even more blood, it rolling down your cheeks and ears, as you felt your body start to weaken..

He kneeled down more, placing his head next to your ear, chucking a bit, then whispering,

“How cute.. you tried fighting me off..~”

He said in a teasing whisper, then laughing, and sitting back up. Looking down at your weakened body as blood soaked the carpet under you…

Ethan Sarracino

I met up with a friend at a diner as we were planning on going fishing in The Harp Woods. When I got to the diner, Sky was already there eating a cheeseburger and fries with a soda. I sat down and ordered a hotdog, french fries with a soda. We decided after eating we were going to go grab some worms from the store for our bait. After the bait store, we walked to The Harp woods. While Sky and I were walking through the woods to get to the creek, we saw a wolf. We ran to a huge rock and we hid behind it, and that’s when we saw the whole pack of wolves! we took a photo and waited patiently until they left and we were able to come out from hiding to go fishing. While fishing we caught a few bass, it was starting to get late and we started hearing noises coming from around us. Sky said, “It’s starting to get creepy out here.” I replied, “Yeah, you want to get out of here?” Sky shook his head and that’s when we heard it, “AHHHH!” Someone screamed a high pitched tone, and we ran for what seemed like forever.

We finally found an abandoned house, and ran inside. What seemed like hours inside this house, we finally left, but it was super dark and hard to see where we were going. We began to walk in the direction of where we first came from when we entered the woods and we started to hear someone walking behind us. We started running as fast as we could, and we finally saw the lights from the town. Before we could make it out Sky fell and scraped his knee. I helped him up and helped him hobble out of the woods so we could get home.

The next day

As we made it home super late last night, Sky spent the night at my house. We decided when we woke up that we would go hunting instead of fishing. We packed up our bows and arrows, some food, and drinks and headed out to yet again The Harp Woods. When we entered the woods it seemed quiet, a little too quiet. As we started hiking further in we saw the same pack of wolves as we did yesterday, but one of them was stuck in a bear trap. We weren’t sure what to do as we were unsure how a bear trap worked. So we left and went hunting. We decided we would try to get a deer for the pack to see if we could gain their trust. When we got back after hunting, the pack trusted us enough to help them. The bleeding coming from the wolf’s leg was everywhere, but we finally were able to set them free with a stick. As it was still bright outside, we decided that it was time to go home for the day, but when we got to my house we heard yelling. When I opened the door I saw blood on the walls and the house was destroyed.

Sky said, “What happened?” I said, “I don’t know.” We went searching around the house to see if anyone was there, but instead we found something strange. “Who would destroy this place?” Sky asked. I said, “I don’t know Sky.” So we went to see if we could get help but the door was blocked off. We spent hours trying to exit, but nothing worked. We remembered we had our phones in our backpacks. We ran to them but our phones were broken, but then mine turned on. When I was calling 911 it died. I said to Sky, “Hey let’s go around and get blankets and food.” We went to the basement, and we set up a safe space where we could sleep.

The next day

We heard a loud noise coming from upstairs. We went upstairs and someone was knocking at the door, we checked the peephole. It looked like someone dangerous, but then they were leaving, or so I thought. Out of nowhere, ‘SMASH!’ He was breaking the door down! Sky was running to find somewhere to hide, so I followed him. We went to this closet to hide. It felt like we were in there forever. Finally, we decided to come out of the closet. So we were walking to the door and I told Sky to go to the basement while I see if he was there. I checked the peephole, but it was pitch black. I went downstairs to the basement, and we decided we would try to get some sleep and in the morning we would figure out a plan to escape.

The next day

We woke up and went upstairs. As we were walking up the stairs I remembered the guest room has a window. We ran to the guest room but the door was shut. We ran to our bags and got our bows, I heard banging and Sky wasn’t with me. I thought to myself, “I think Sky is the guy trying to break in.” So, I checked the peephole and I saw the same guy. I made a hole in the door with a chair and I shot my bow and arrow. I hit him but Sky was behind me. When I looked up the guy was gone. My first thought was, “Where did the guy go?” I heard Sky behind me say, “That was crazy, you hit him!” We both looked at each other and said at the same time, “LET’S GET OUT OF HERE!” he found us shh come here “door break” my friend sky was crying we were trying to hide we were so scared i can’t believe he found us “we were just having some time after going hunter in the harp woods cooking up the elk we caught and he heard banging on the door i went to go check no he is at the door and i saw the same guy that tried to kill us he came back i slammed the door and looked it and went to hide” i asked sky “you still have your phone right?” he said ya i said call 911 and he did but i looked at the door and he was there then i looked at sky and he wasn’t there so i hid in a closet i was so scared but i remembered i have bow in here and i look in the closet and i found it i wait then i went out and i saw him and he was talking to sky? I shot the guy but it didn’t work i think he was stronger than before then sky and the guy came running after me but i grabbed a chair i was going to shut the door and block it but sky came running in and trying to get me so i got scared and i throw the chair at him and he got knocked out so i grabbed everything that i can carry and blocked the door i tired sky to my other chair i looked under my bad because i keep a shovel under it i don’t know why i heard banging on the door i let the killer open it and i hit him with a shovel then i grabbed my phone from outside in the car and drove away as fast i can i said to myself ”i need to call the cops”. “I call the cops” “cops “ 911 what your Emergency” me”there is someone trying to kill me 911”ok where is the place me”100th at Westminster in Colorado” 911”ok we will send units there as fast as fasabull”

Abigail Lawerence (8th grade)

Once there was a teenage boy named Mr.patrick and a kid cristian one fafle night they were being followed by a headless horsemen ̈aaaaaaaaaaaaa said Mr.patrick and cristian¨. ¨Look a abandon house let’s go hide there said mr.patrick.¨ WHAT NO said cristian.¨ ¨Come on dude there won´t be a ghost in there said mr.patrick.¨ When they just ran inside the door whent ¨SLAM¨ ¨ did the door just shut by itself said cristian.¨ ¨A GHOST said cristian.¨ ¨ you’re a scary cat, said mr.patrick.¨ ¨ No i am not said cristian.¨ when they were fighting they did not see a ghost right be hide them. ¨ GGGG HOST said cristian.¨ ¨There is no ghost, said mr.patrick.¨ Tell him that said cristian.¨ ¨booooooo said the ghost.¨ ¨auauauau uauauaua said mr.patrick and cristian.¨ ¨RUN said mr.patrick.¨ Mr.patrick didn ́t know that the headless horseman was outside waiting for them to come out but mr.patrick and cristian didn´t know that. Before they came out running the headless horsemen didn´t know there was a secret door behind the bookshelf. That fateful night got more woress for Mr.patrick and cristian ¨come on storyteller please don´t say enthing can get eney woress said Mr.patrick and cristian.¨ ¨That’s how the story goes. That’s why it’s a scary ghost story Cristian and mr.patrick said storyteller.¨ As i was saying Mr.patrick pulled a book on the bookshelf the bookshelf moved ¨CREEK¨ whent the bookshelf. After Mr.patrick moved the book of the bookshelf a dark dark dark door was there he opened it it whent ¨CREEK¨ ¨what is behind the door said cristian¨ ¨ i don´t know said mr.patrick.̈ The door opens slowly behind the bookshelf, a darkdark chest. Cristian slowly opened the chest slowly mr.patrick and cristian turned around ¨IT´S A REPUR said cristian and mr.patrick.¨ They screamed ¨HELP US said cristian and mr.patrick¨ In came repurhunt named mrs.shania ¨what’s your problem said mrs.shania.¨ ¨Hu him said cristian and mr.patrick.¨ ¨HO grimreper said mrs.shania.̈ And then Mrs.Shania and Mr.patrick and Cristian ran because a big scary goblin ghost came on following them all the way outside of parite cove. Had a door to go home ¨What why am i home? said mr.patrick.¨ but when mr.patrick open the door the headless horsemen aperard.

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