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Santa Love Story
December 20, 2023
December 20, 2023
School Dance
December 20, 2023

Santa’s Adventures

Metro News Service

The snow was falling and the children were asleep. A week before Christmas everyone up in the north pole was working hard.

The next morning a child named Allie woke up in the Christmas spirit. She ran down stairs and got ready for school. She met up with her best friend, Andrew at the front doors. They walked into school and went to each of their classes.

In the north pole the elves were working hard to make the gifts that would be soon delivered. The reindeer were getting prepped to drag the sleigh. While everything was getting ready, Santa was up in his office double checking the list to see who was naughty and nice. Once he got through the whole list he checked to make sure that everything was going perfectly down in the work space. All the presents were going amazingly.

“Santa!!!” One of the elves yelled out, “Three people got added to the naughty list!”

“What are the names?” Santa responded.

“You will never believe who… Steven Boe, Allie Smith and Andrew Hill!”

“That must be a mistake, Allie and Andrew are some of the best kids I know!”

Little does Santa know Allie and Andrew were down in the principal office in major trouble. A couple hours before this Andrew and Allie were in the cafeteria. They were in line for lunch waiting for their food. The line wasn’t moving and a guy behind Andrew and Allie got annoyed.

“Can you nerds go faster? I want to eat.” A boy named Steven yelled to the two.

“It’s not our fault the line isn’t moving. I want food as much as you, and we are not nerds. We just work hard to pass whereas you don’t even work. Last time I checked you are flunking Mr. Smith’s class, so have fun in summer school.” Allie said back and turned around.
“You… You…” Steven struggled to figure out what to say.

Allie and Andrew just turned around and started to walk forward. The line was finally starting to move and by the time they got their food and sat down, Steven took a seat in front of them.

“Hey nerds!” Steven yelled out

He threw food in Allie’s face and Andrew returned the favor. Stevens’ friends came up and defended him, and Allie’s friend helped out too. Allie and Andrew were about to throw hands when a teacher came up and split them up. All three were sent to the principal’s office and took a seat waiting to talk to the principal.

The elf told everything he knew to Santa (which wasn’t that much) and Santa was furious, but he thought that there had to be something else to it. Santa was shocked and went down to the school in a thoughtful disguise.

“Hello, you two are Allie and Andrew, correct? I’m Mr. C, and I’m here to talk to you about the recent fight you two got into.”

“Yes… we are Allie and Andrew. The fight was all Steven’s fault, he was making fun of us, and he started to throw stuff at us so we fought back. Then a huge fight broke out and we’re the ones who got in trouble.”

“Well I think I should talk to Steven,” Santa told them, trying to hide his accent.

Steven got called to the office and Santa talked to him as Mr. C. Steven thought something was up as he had never seen this man in his life. Steven got up and grabbed his hat. A man with a semi-bald head was revealed. It looked too good to be true. Steven was talking to Santa.

“You’re… SANTA!” Steven yelled out.

“Hohoho, good observation, you may go on the naughty list, I heard you made a mess with Allie and Andrew and when I looked back at what happened it seems like it was your fault, was it?”

“Ok! It may have been my fault but please don’t give me coal!” Steven cried out.
“I won’t give you coal if you apologize to them, you three could be great friends if you just tried.”

So Steven went out and apologized to Allie and Andrew and Santa went back to the north pole. Santa started to gather the presents for the next week, and soon Christmas Eve arrived. Santa got on the sleigh and went all around the world. He ran into a house with a cat. Santa is very allergic to cats but he still had to deliver the presents. So, when they run into a house with cats he went down the chimney and put the presents under the tree as fast as he could. However, he was too slow and started to cough and cough, which woke up a little girl.

“Santa? Is that you?”

“Hohoho! It is me, Santa. You need to go back to bed, or your presents won’t be here.”

And so the little girl went back to bed. Santa went to each and every house, and then he ran into a little dog. Santa loves dogs, so of course he had to stop to pet the little dog. He got up and started to put the presents under the tree. He went up the chimney and onto the sleigh. Up and up they went on until the elves said something shocking.

“Hey, where’s Button?”

Button is one of the elves, but he wasn’t on the sleigh! Santa turned around as fast as he could and headed towards the house he was at. He went through the chimney and found Button playing with the dog. Santa grabbed Button’s arm and they went back to the sleigh. They finished putting all the presents under the decorated trees. He got back to the north pole just in time and Christmas was arriving. It was Christmas morning and Allie, Andrew, and Steven woke up with a special gift under the tree. They all had the same note:

“Hohoho, thank you for getting along with each other, Allie, Andrew and Steven. I am glad I could be at service for you, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

As all the parents watched their children open the presents, they were all confused when they saw this one in particular. None of the parents remember getting their kids the presents, but they all assumed it was from a grandparent. All the kids enjoyed their Christmas and couldn’t wait to see their new friends. The end.

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